Board Members

Meet our TINSHS board members! We are a team of dedicated Texada residents with a diversity of experiences and interests, invested in creating housing solutions for local seniors so that they can age comfortably on the island. We welcome new members who are ready to bring their passion and experience to our project! 

Thank you to Rodger Hort for taking our photos.


Cathy Brown retired on Texada Island in 2007 after eleven years as the Roberts Creek Postmaster. With the help of other like-minded people, she launched the Texada Aging Population Initiative (TAPI), conducting two Seniors Health Service Fairs and surveying residents to determine the most pressing senior needs – housing – was identified as number one. After two years, TAPI was dissolved to create Texada non-profit Seniors Housing Society (TINSHS), where Cathy has held the positions of Secretary Treasurer and President.

Cathy has also been a Director on the Texada Health Services Society Board for over four years and has served on the Board of the Texada Agricultural Group from 2016-2022, where she held Director and Secretary Treasurer Positions. The latter group created the Community Food Hub Preservation Hub; the only publicly-accessible commercial food preservation kitchen on the Sunshine Coast.

When not engaged in Board work, Cathy volunteers for various community events. She is a prominent leader in the Texada volunteer community.


A director on the TINSHS Board since September 2021, Leslie Goresky is a semi-retired, self-employed accountant with a multitude of volunteer commitments. As a long-term resident of Texada, Leslie has served as the Treasurer of the Texada Island Public Safety and Police Advisory Committee for thirteen years, and as the Chair for ten. Since 2007 she has also served as a Director on the Board of Texada Action Now, and currently holds a Treasurer/Secretary position. In her free time Leslie enjoys gardening, hiking and playing the ukulele, and has been coaching the Texada Island Dragon Boat club since 2018.


After a longstanding career in library services and related settings, Pam Kenny brings to the TINSHS Board her passion and experience working with seniors over the past 16 years. She served on the Board of the Texada Seniors Council for 12 years, holding the positions of Program Director, Membership Secretary and Recording Secretary. No longer on the Board she continues to be a member and liaise with COSCO (Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of BC) on behalf of the Texada Seniors Council. Pam also held the office of Chair on the PRRSCC (Powell River Regional Seniors Community Council) for a year, which began with strategic planning and culminated in her co-facilitating a senior’s community engagement event with 127 participants. Pam’s immersion in elder care continues to evolve to this day and her in-depth understanding of seniors’ needs brings immense value to the TINSHS project.


Sylvia joined the TINSHS team as Notetaker in October 2022. Having worked for over 30 yrs with municipal government in Public Works, her combined work experience, education, and training make Sylvia a valuable addition to our team.

Sylvia volunteers with the Van Anda Fire Department and Pacific Assistance Dogs Society. In the past she has contributed her time with the BCSPCA, Elizabeth Frye Society, and Occupational Health & Safety Committees.

Having enormous sympathy and understanding for the myriad of reasons that people find themselves homeless, Sylvia has been involved for the past seven years with people struggling to find secure housing, and has been helping them enter into Emergency Shelters, Transition Housing and addiction treatment facilities. She is hopeful about the possibility of creating secure and age-friendly homes for seniors on Texada Island.


Elizabeth moved to Texada Island September 2016 for her career in finance, working at First Credit Union as head teller and a financial & member service representative, specializing in estates.

Elizabeth joined TINSHS in 2019 as Vice-President and now as Board Director.

Elizabeth has been with the Terry Fox Foundation since 2013 in Abbotsford, BC as Radio and Media Co-ordinator and then 2018 took over the role as Co-ordinator of the Texada Island Terry Fox Run. Elizabeth was guest speaker, and Executive Assistant for Cycling4Diversity, championing human rights, and diversity in our society from 2013-2016.


A TINSHS Director since September 2022, Dean Macdonald brings local housing knowledge to our team. As the only licensed realtor living on the island, Dean’s insight into the Texada housing market is extremely valuable. Prior to moving to Texada Island in 2020, Dean spent 30 years as a licensed relator/broker in Vancouver after graduating from BCIT’s Real Estate Marketing program. He also has a decade of experience in property management and security services. While in Vancouver, Dean volunteered in Victims Services for the Delta Police and served as a Board Director for Aberthau community centre.

Derek Wills

Derek Wills was a Nanaimo “kid” who moved to the lower mainland of Vancouver to pursue an education and career. He is married with three children. Derek is a businessman and investor, committed to Canada’s economy and a high standard of living for all citizens. As philanthropists, he and his wife have a foundation which strives to make post-secondary education and skills training accessible to single-parent families.