Directors attend Housing Central Conference 2023

On November 20, 2023, TINSHS sent six representatives to the BCNPHA Housing Central conference, a valuable platform for housing sector professionals. This conference is held annually in Vancouver and facilitates networking opportunities, allowing us to connect with like-minded organizations, experts, and potential collaborators.

Our team was fortunate to participate in a variety of workshops and sessions, increasing our knowledge, skills and professional network within the community housing sector. The collaborative environment encourages information sharing and the exchange of ideas to address the many housing sector challenges we are facing today, including seniors housing. Notably, we established connections with potential financial supporters, gained insights into new fundraising strategies, and expanded our introductions in the broader housing funder field.

Overall, attending the BCNPHA Housing Central conference was a strategic investment, keeping us informed, connected, and empowered in the dynamic field of community housing. We plan to continue attending this event for the continuously evolving benefits that it offers.

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