About the history of TINSHS

TINSHS is a registered charity directed by a volunteer Board of Texada Island residents. Our mission is to create affordable age-friendly housing for Texada seniors, who make up the majority of our island’s population. There are currently no alternative housing options on Texada Island for seniors whose homes are not safe or adaptable. 

TINSHS is currently busy doing research and development for our housing project, which includes collecting community input and conducting a host of pre-development planning activities. In 2022, we completed a comprehensive land search of both Crown and private land that could be suitable for development. After three years of searching, we have identified an eight-acre parcel of buildable land in the Gillies Bay Improvement District that we are currently pursuing alongside our model development activities. Stay tuned for our land purchase fundraising campaign in Fall 2023!

The newly completed Texada Seniors Housing Needs study will be used as the foundation for exploring specific housing design options and financial models with the seniors’ community, and to support our ongoing fundraising activities. The data we gather through additional community engagement will determine the housing model, architectural design and market-mix we ultimately choose.

To sum up, we are working on all fronts to bring seniors housing to Texada Island!

Timeline of TINSHS Achievements and Milestones

March 2019
  • receives BC Societies designation as a registered non-profit organization
July 2020
  • conducts first housing survey; 70% of respondents interested in seniors housing
November 2021
  • Board attends 2nd BCNPHA Conference, cultivates relationships with future funders
January 2022
  • receives CRA registered charity status
March 2022
  • successfully submits and receives qRD Grant-in-Aid
April 2022
  • hires grant writer
June 2022
  • Board members complete BCNPHA Ready-Set-Build course; complete initial project outline, capital and operating budgets for a 40 unit rental housing development
  • finalizes formal Strategic Plan
  • works with Michael Green Architects (MGA) to develop preliminary vision for a seniors housing development on Texada
July 2022
  • receives funds to complete a Housing Needs Assessment for seniors on Texada
September 2022
  • identifies suitable land and approaches private owner
October 2022
  • receives funding to develop a new website and online communications strategy
  • launches Texada Housing Needs Survey; avg. 30% response rate
November 2022
  • hires a Project Director
  • hosts first community engagement event at Texada Island Community Hall
June 2023
July 2023
September 2023
October 2023
November 2023
  • Board and Project Director attend 3rd BCNPHA Housing Central conference, cultivate relationships with future funders 
January 2024
  • qRD public hearing regarding property exclusion from ALR is well attended and positively received by Texada residents 
  • ALR exclusion application submitted to ALC 
April 2024