Project Vision

Affordable, safe and comfortable housing for Texada seniors

This project vision document, created for Texada Island Non-profit Seniors Housing by MGA/Michael Green Architecture, is where we began our visioning to create a vibrant and inclusive independent living senior housing community on Texada Island.  As our population ages, it is becoming increasingly important to support seniors in their quest for affordable, safe, and comfortable housing. This is not a stagnant document and will evolve with the visions and aspirations of Texada seniors.

Thank you for taking the time to read and we look forward to working with you to make Texada Island Seniors Housing a reality.

With time and a good deal of work, the vision for our seniors housing development has taken a more concrete form. In collaboration with BC Passive House and within the parameters of the CMHC Housing Supply Challenge, MGA is developing a modular, high-performance prototype for our project using the latest in environmentally-friendly prefabricated panel technology. This is a preliminary design that will be updated and modified as we move closer to our final model.