Texada Seniors Housing Needs Report Complete

After many months in the works, TINSHS is thrilled to announce the completion of the Texada Island Seniors Housing Needs report, a comprehensive overview of the current housing situation faced by seniors on Texada.

In October 2022, TINSHS conducted an island-wide Housing Needs survey to capture an accurate picture of residents’ living situations. We received an exceptional response rate of 176 survey submissions, which includes more than half of Texada’s senior households.

At the Community Engagement event on November 19, TINSHS reported on the results of the Housing Needs survey, shared prevailing seniors housing models and presented our current project vision. Attendees were able to ask questions and express opinions during a lively Q&A session at the end.

TINSHS used input collected through the survey, 2021 Census data and targeted interviews to 1) clarify areas of current and future housing need and demand for residents age 55+ on Texada Island, 2) make inferences about the supply of affordable housing appropriate for aging-in-place on the island and 3) characterize the local and regional context within which Texada seniors have to make decisions about their housing options.

TINSHS would like to acknowledge the contribution of many collaborators on this project – including Urban Matters, Lumina Services and Michael Green Architects – as well as the direct support of the Plan H Healthy Public Policy grant in funding this study. The report will be used to inform the direction of our seniors housing project and raise funds for its development. Continued community participation will be an integral part of this process.

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